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Sand County Players acknowledges the commitment of graduates and their families to the performing arts by awarding Continuing Education Grants (Scholarships). Our organization values and encourages this involvement in both high school and community activities.

Applications need to be completed thoroughly. A point system (included with the application) is used to determine the amount of the grant you will receive. Please be specific when responding to questions, particularly in regard to the activity (production) in which you or a family member was involved, and your role (actor, backstage, etc.) in the activity.

Click here for the Grant/Scholarship Application

Note New Deadline! The deadline for all applications is April 1.

Send all requested materials to:

Hariet Dehlinger, Box 700, Adams, WI 53910



Congratulations to the 2020

Scholarship Recipients!

Erin Pease

Nick Switzer

Jed Goodwin

Hunter Renner

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