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Not a Creature Was Stirring,
Not Even a Moose
By Pat Cook

Missing the Christmas spirit? Has the Yule-tide you up in knots? Then subscribe to the Herald Tribune, where editor J.J. Garnes makes sure he uses the holiday to his own advantage, whether to expose the crooked mayor or sell a few more issues. Delilah and Sarah, Garnes' assistants, are equally cynical until they find a "Wish Moose," that grants their fondest wishes. And wishes do begin to come true - with hilariousconsequences! Expect anything from Garnes, dressed as Santa Claus falling out of a crop duster, to maybe St. Nicholas himself showing up. Toss in a rival newspaper editor, free-spirited pilot, bombastic mayor, and mysterious janitor and we have an evening of holiday mayhem and chaos.This fast-paced comedy will leave you laughing with the season's warmth and wit.


J.J. Garnes: Editor of the Herald Tribune, a feisty forty-year-old man who lives, eats and breathes the headlines
Delilah Hopkins: Wise-cracking secretary and typesetter.

Sarah Tarkoffer: Assistant editor and photographer

Winona Pershing: Editor of the Times Courier, the competition

Barney: Old janitor at the Trib. He holds the place together.

Mayor Fosdick: Bombastic and arrogant politician

Buzzy: A carefree lady pilot of a crop duster
Fiona Jeffers: Head of the Civic Association, a kind person

Sergeant Slattery: A no-nonsense policema

Time: The present. A few days before Christmas.
Place: The office of the Herald Tribune, a small town newspaper

The Dellwood Pavilion

Friendship, WI