Current Production

By Peter Bloedel

A bunch of ice-fishing buddies concoct a plan to entice their friend, Oskar, from Florida, to come back up north to Minnesota. Their enticement is to build “the grandmother” of all icehouses; a giant ice chateau, complete with a kitchen, opulent dining room, bedrooms, running water, a bathroom, a sauna, and, of course, ice fishing holes. The icehouse is obviously a huge undertaking, and has to be kept a secret from all of the guys’ wives. To the absolute joy of his friends, Oskar gets on board with the plan. However, he has another reason for coming back to Minnesota – a reason he hasn’t shared with his buddies. The characters seem like regular people. They do such things as sit on the ice and fish, swat mosquitoes, and enjoy church pot luck wedding receptions. This is priceless, off-the-wall comedy.


The towns of Middle Creek and Lake Hulda, Minnesota. The culture is emblematic of a simpler time around the end of the 20th century.


Ingrid Kristensen, Hariet Dehlinger

Oskar Kristensen, Steve LaVallee

Arn Larsen, Bob Goodhue

Conrad Torvildstad, Sam Wollin

Helen Larsen, Cheryl Lippart

Sarah Torvildstad, Heather Wilson

Lars Magnuson, Lonny Lecy

Wilhelm Jorgenson, Robert Quinnell

Camilla Magnuson, Lola Feathers

Rita Jorgenson, Heidi Schultz

Erik Torvildstad, Collin Bays

Michelle Steltzer, Kelsey Johnson

Lenora Steltzer, Stephanie Klopotek

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October 8, 2022
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November 4, 5, 10, 11, 12, 13

The Dellwood Pavilion

Friendship, WI