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Don't Hug Me
a love story with singing and stuff

Cantankerous bar owner Gunner Johnson wants to sell the business and move to Florida. Clara, his wife and former Winter Carnival Bunyan Queen, wants to stay. Bernice Lundstrom, the pretty waitress, wants to pursue a singing career. Her fiancé, Kanute Gunderson, wants her to stay home. It's a battle of wills, and when a fast-talking salesman, Aarvid Gisselsen, promises to bring romance into their lives through the "magic" of karaoke, all heck breaks loose! 


The Bunyan, a little bar near Ely, MN on the coldest days of the  year.


The early 2000's


Clara Johnson: Gunner's wife. Strong willed co-owner of the bar. Sh's been married to Gunner for a long time.

Gunner Johnson: Clara's husband. Strong willed co-owner of the Bunyan. A north woods Archie Bunker.

Bernice Lundstrom: Pretty, young, dreamy waitress at the Bunyan.

Aarvid Gisselsen: Slick, fast-talking Karaoke salesman. A north woods "Music Man".

Kanute Gunderson: Oblivious, full of himself business owner.


Tickets on sale
October 14, 2023

The Dellwood Pavilion

Friendship, WI
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