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No Body Like Jimmy
By Burton Bumgarner

On the evening of Ralph and Eloise Vanlandingham's political fundraising dinner, Ralph's best friend from college shows up with a problem. Harold has a dead body in the back of his van and he needs a place to stash Jimmy. Harold's timing couldn't be more awful as the Vanlandinghams are expecting a house full of major campaign donors in about five, four, three, two...


The set is the living room of an elegant home in suburban Philadelphia.


The Present


Harold: Works for a mobster

Ralph: Friend of Harold's, married to Eloise

Eloise: Running for Congress, married to Ralph

Baxter: A server with an attitude

Diane: Eloise's campaign manager

Nigel: Eloise's speech writer

Jimmy: A dead guy

Rick Pitman: A wealthy Texan

Emma Pitman: Rick's wife

Officer Linda: A police officer

Officer Cooper: A police trainee


Tickets on sale
April 1, 2023

The Dellwood Pavilion

Friendship, WI
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