Upcoming Show!
Tentative New Dates!
November 5, 6, 11, 12, 13, 14, 2021
Icehouse Postponed Until Fall, 2021

Hello SCP friends,
No ice fishing for us this spring. Sadly, we are going to have to cancel our production of Icehouse for this April and May. We've discussed possible plans to present a show safely for audiences, but we couldn't come up with a way to make the backstage and onstage safe enough for our cast and crew members during rehearsals and shows. It could have a disastrous effect on the whole production if one of us became ill and we all had to quarantine, and we would feel terrible if one of us became seriously ill because of participating in this production and exposed family members. We also have doubts that enough people would attend at this time to make it worth all the extra work it would take to try to do a show under these circumstances. We hope to put Icehouse onstage at the Dellwood Pavilion in the fall of 2021.


The Sand County Players look forward to the time we can get back together again to bring this great play to life.

We thank you for your support.




The in-person Sand County Players annual meeting will be held Sunday, June 13th at 6:00 PM at the Dellwood Pavilion. Bring a lawn chair and meet on the west side of the building (backstage entrance). If weather is not cooperative we will meet in the hall.

Hope to see many of our members there.

It has been a long time.

Prairie Fire Children's Theatre cancelled for 2021.
Will reschedule for
June of 2022

The Prairie Fire Children's Theatre week-long residency and performances of Jack and the Beanstalk are cancelled for 2021 due to rescheduling issues. We are very disappointed that the Sand County Players are unable to help sponsor this outstanding opportunity for the youth in our community this year, but Prairie Fire and Jack and the Beanstalk are scheduled to return in June of 2022.

 A bunch of ice-fishing buddies concoct a plan to entice their friend, Oskar, from Florida, to come back up north to Minnesota. Their enticement is to build “the grandmother” of all icehouses; a giant ice chateau, complete with a kitchen, opulent dining room, bedrooms, running water, a bathroom, a sauna, and, of course, ice fishing holes. The icehouse is obviously a huge undertaking, and has to be kept a secret from all of the guys’ wives! 

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for Show and Character Information
Tickets On Sale October 16, 2021
The Dellwood Pavilion
Friendship, WI
Next Opening Night!
November 5, 2021